Our Services


Our range of Internet tails include: NBN Fibre, FTTN, FTTB, Fixed Wireless, ADSL 1&2+, TPG FTTB and TPG F400. We have three types of NBN plans. Standard, Performance & PAYG. Standard plans are the most popular and suite those who aren't heavy users or rely on the Internet to run their business. Performance plans are suited to gamers, businesses, professionals and alike, they have much better performance and stability. Lastly, our PAYG plans are for pensioners or those who just need Internet to check emails or browsing.


We offer free porting of your existing phone number over to an NBN Fibre phone. There are three plans to choose from, PAYG is $5 per month where you pay per call. Then there is a plan which includes Local and National calls for $10. Lastly the plan that includes Mobile, Local and National is $20. We cannot supply a phone service over fixed wireless or FTTN, it is only available on the UNI-V port on Fibre installations.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

This is a great deal, you get unlimited cloud data storage and unlimited backup including email for $20 per month. You will be able to backup all your files and photos and access them on any device. You can sync a folder on your computer to the cloud or automatically backup your photos on your phone. By default your email address will be you@nbnsp.com.au or for an additional fee you can get a custom email address like you@company.com. A custom domain costs a little extra per year so please contact us for details.

Web Design & Development

We will create a FREE website for you, this can also include a shopping cart. We will also host the website for $100 per month. You must agree to a 12 month contract hosting contract (that is how we get paid for the time making the website). Please contact us for details.

Network Setup & Cabling

We provide network configuration, installations and also hold an open cabling license to run network cabling. We can setup hotel, school and business wifi access from hardware deployment to connection provisioning and management. We can also provide you with pre-configured routers which you just plug in once your connection is provisioned and ready to go.

Compare Internet Providers

The website nbncompared.com.au compares NBN plans and prices from most NBN providers in Australia. You can sort any column or search only plans from a specific provider. Compare NBN plans and you should see that our plans are among the best value plans out there. In fact we are yet to see anybody better our pensioner plans. At $55, we are still the cheapest TPG FTTB provider in Australia.

Internet Security

Security safe guards are pretty important on the internet. They ensure your emails, banking transactions and personal information is not leaked to eavesdroppers. Our advice here is to subscribe to what is called a VPN Service. Using a VPN service ensures all transmissions are encrypted and anonymised for your internet surfing. You can install the VPN on each computer and mobile though its easier to just install it on the router. Use DNSCrypt in conjunction with a VPN service to encrypt DNS lookups for ultimate protection.

Family Safety Filters

Your internet connection is unfiltered. This means children or any user on the account has access to restricted content such as adult or illegal websites. Our advice is to use OpenDNS Family Shield, this technology will filter websites and ensure access to certain content is restricted. You can manage browsing filters to individual family members or as a whole by blocking adult content, illegal, or social media sites. You can personally customise filters to meet your needs. Feel safe little Matty does not stumble on to something he shant.

Extra Support

We provide free over the phone support to our customers for thing such as setting up your wireless router. However, we also offer paid on-site support anywhere in Australia. Remote assistance for specific cases can also be requested. You can also ask us about modifications to your existing website and we will provide you a quote..

About Us

National Coverage

Check to see if your address is able to receive a connection and what type of connections are available by contacting us, or by viewing the NBN rollout map or by checking the FTTB page and looking for your address.

Policy and Transparency

An awesome ISP is nothing without a kick-ass policy; we will not be greedy and will do no evil. We will work towards providing full transparency on things such as customer numbers, turnover, profit, expenses and our personal incomes.

Low Prices

We only intend on taking profits to pay a humble wages with money left over being put back to grow the ISP and make prices cheaper. Check out my NBN prices and compare them with others. Due to little overhead, most likely you will find we can not be beaten on price.

Payment Methods

Currently we are accepting either direct deposits to the NBNSP bank account, credit cards via automatic Stripe payments or Bitcoins to our wallet. It is quite simple for you to add an automatic recurring payment using online banking. If you have any problems with that, I can link you a guide on how to do it.

Payment Frequency

Payments are made monthly on the first of each month, except the first payment which is calculated from the first day of activation to the end of that month.

Estimate Data Usage

We have created a page called estimate your data usage, it will help you estimate how much data you will use when using the Internet.