NBN SDU NTD Installations in Cairns Area - Telecommunications Technician

The work entails installing a fibre cable from an NBN PCD on the outside of a building to an NBN NTD inside a house, unit, apartment or shop. This will require you to either run the fibre under the house or through the ceiling and then tongue through a cavity and install an NTD about half a metre up the wall next to a power point. In some cases if there is no cavity, no ceiling access or under floor access a conduit will need to be run on the outside of the building to a suitable entry point.

The pay rate and job description is as follows:

You will be scheduled anywhere between 2 and 6 NTD installs per day. Average installation time is 1 hour, average travel is 8 minutes per job given that you live in Cairns. At the start you will take longer if you have no experience. The suburbs you will be working in are Cairns City, Cairns North, Parramatta Park, Aeroglen, Whitfield, Edgehill, Manunda, Manoora, Westcourt and Bungalow.

The casual rate is $27.35 per hour plus super. An additional $15 per completed job is included for fuel and materials.

NIA - Not In Attendance, if the end user is not at the premises during the appointment time then it will be classified NIA and you will earn $15.

Payment Terms:

You will be paid on a weekly basis.

Required Qualifications:

  • NBN Safety and Awareness - $197 - Online - Click Here
  • White Card - $38.90 - Online - Click Here
  • Police Check - $54.45 - Online - Click Here
  • First Aid - $120 - in Cairns - Click Here
  • certificate
  • Working at Heights - ~$280 - Click Here
  • Preferred Open Cabling License

Required Tools:

Car with ability to carry a ladder and 20mm comms conduit either inside a wagon or on a roof rack, plus space for stock and equipment.

Cleaver ~$30 Click Here
Fiber Optic Laser Tester ~$17 Click Here
Fiber Shears ~$9 Click Here
Fiber Stripper ~$10 Click Here
PON Meter ~$60 Click Here
Fibre Test Lead ~$109 Click Here

IPAD with 3G or 4G ~$250 Click Here

Fiberglass Ladder ~$450 Click Here
SDS Hammer Drill ~$199 Click Here
Masonry 10mm x 450mm Drill Bit $14 Click Here
Impact Driver $129 Click Here
Mini Level $8 Click Here
Torx T20 Security Driver $5 Click Here
Pit Key $53 Click Here
Staple Gun $23 Click Here
Cabling Tongue $25 Click Here
Caulking Gun $15 Click Here
Safety Glasses $10-20 Click Here